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Did you know?

Research indicates that Google powers around 87% of all UK internet searches.

Did you know?

Google uses more than 200 assessments of a site's content to determine the order of search results, but the exact algorithms are a secret.

Did you know?

Search Engine Optimisation is a thriving industry, its estimated worth in the UK last year was around 2.22bn.

Content Management System (CMS)

The TH UK Content Management System is an administration facility which enables you to independently update and manage your web site.

Keeping your web site current ensures your visitors receive up to date information on your products, services, prices, or news and helps you rank well in search engines. Your visitors will have a positive impression of your business and the updated content will encourage users to frequently visit your web site.

Our content management system provides a complete, simple to use solution. The solution can be purchased, or rented, as an addition to our standard web site development services, or can replace an entire static web site. It enables you to instantly and without technical knowledge, edit your live, dynamic web site.

TH UK’s content management system can be customised to include features that match your requirements. For example, update the body content in your site (text, hyperlinks, images, menus etc.), or update product details in an e-commerce (online ordering) system. Our more advanced features include the ability to add a forum or online blog, edit title tags (the title you see at the top right of your screen) and make changes to the special offers.

The content management system is user friendly and ideal for technical and non-technical users alike.

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What's blogging?

What's Blogging

You probably read about it. Been told you should be doing it. But what does blogging mean to your business? We'll give you the facts.