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This gap between email marketing and direct marketing looks set to close this year. During 2005 more than 3.2 billion commercial emails and 5 million pieces of direct mail were sent. Email is predicted to increase 43% during 2006 and the Direct Marketing Association suggests that email will be the most widely used form of direct marketing in the UK during 2007.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing utilising electronic mail as a means of communicating directly with your customers.

Email marketing offers several advantages over traditional (print based) direct mail:

  • Your message is delivered virtually instantaneously
  • Your customers can respond to your promotion immediately
  • You can track the process of your campaign in real time
  • Your message can be specifically targeted at those groups most likely to respond to your promotion
  • The message can link directly to your website with a simple point-and-click
  • The overall cost is substantially lower than traditional print methods

At TH UK Media we provide a complete email service, from designing and sending the email to collecting and reporting campaign statistics in real time.

What's blogging?

What's Blogging

You probably read about it. Been told you should be doing it. But what does blogging mean to your business? We'll give you the facts.

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