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Did you know?

Research indicates that Google powers around 87% of all UK internet searches.

Did you know?

Google uses more than 200 assessments of a site's content to determine the order of search results, but the exact algorithms are a secret.

Did you know?

Search Engine Optimisation is a thriving industry, its estimated worth in the UK last year was around 2.22bn.

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Search Engine Optimisation

You may have a great website, but it is of little use if people cannot find it. Search Engine Marketing is a highly cost effective method for generating quality, relevant traffic to your website. This means your site achieves page 1 rankings through merit and not through a paid/sponsored link.

We aim to achieve page 1 results for selected search terms with all our clients who use our SEO service. These search terms are recommended by us as a result of key-phrase research and agreed by you, the client.

Our SEO campaigns are not simply about Link Building (although quality, credible links to your site can never be under-estimated), page optimisation and blogging. SEO is about many different facets, we make sure your website is attractive and easily read and navigated by your visitors and all the main search engines, and that both receive a clear and concise message. After all, there is no point in being on page 1 if nobody is inspired to go past the home page.

What's blogging?

What's Blogging

You probably read about it. Been told you should be doing it. But what does blogging mean to your business? We'll give you the facts.

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