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Blogging for Business

At TH UK media, our Blogs provide you with the tools to publish or share information on any topic: products and services, projects, news or industry information. By keeping your blog updated regularly with fresh content, your blog will also act as a very effective SEO tool which can ultimately bring more traffic to your site.
When designing and developing your blog, we will work closely with you to ensure you receive a product you are completely happy with. If you’re having a blog as an add-on to the rest of your site, we will make sure it retains the same style and format as your original website.
As part of your blog package, TH UK media includes in-house training, we will teach you how to use your blog and write blog posts in the most effective way for your visitors and search engines, without the need for technical knowledge or a third party.

There are many different types of blog, for example:


is usually used purely for business purposes as away of companies keeping their customers informed.


A personal blog is written by an individual in the style of an on-going diary.

Blogs by Genre

A blog can be created for just about any genre, from politics to celebrity.

TH UK’s business blogs can be a hosted web log service, enabling users to publish content on the Internet easily. A blog can be a website in itself, or an add-on to your existing website.

Our Blog Product


No need to learn HTML and no need to download software. With our Text Editor, you simply type like you would in Microsoft Word, the editor automatically turns it into an HTML page entry.


Your blog doesn't have to be one way communication. Communicate with your visitors by allowing readers to leave comments or add to ongoing conversations.


Create photo albums, post pictures. You can even post videos and audio commentaries too. Often out and about? You can even publish from your browser on your mobile phone!


Choose from our style templates and customize the layout to have something truly unique, or let us design something specifically for you.

TH UK’s blogs are designed with simplicity as the main focus. No technical background beyond Internet is needed to publish online using TH UK’s blogs.

Your blog may be yours, or your company’s online identity. Our style templates allow you to match the blog to your choice of look and feel. You’ll be able to select the style of the blog from a growing set of templates, by our team of web designers, or we can create a bespoke design to match your company’s branding.

The built in Text Editor ensures you don’t have to know HTML in order to format your posts. Anyone who can surf the Internet can publish using TH UK’s blogs.

More experienced users need not be concerned about loss of control over the HTML code. The Text Editor allows for direct HTML coding.

Photo Albums

Pictures say a thousand words. Often, a chunk of text just isn’t enough. Enter the photo album service by TH UK, part of the blog service. The photo album service allows you to publish pictures. You may publish the pictures as photo albums, use them as photo entries in your blog or a mixture of both.

Once uploaded, you can apply text descriptions that appear with the photo in the album pages.


You and your blog are not alone. You’ll be part of a large community of readers and authors. You can add a list of links to blogs you read regularly, or to related subjects, industries or companies.

Features List

Post Types

  • Articles
  • Photos and Pictures
  • Videos
  • Audio Commentaries

Ease of Management

  • List by most recent article/post
  • Option to delete one or more posts
  • List articles and photos within a specific category
  • Archive by periods

Look and Feel

  • Quick style selector
  • Different style templates for each category
  • You can create custom components or edit built-in components


  • Text editor
    • Non technical users can create HTML posts immediately
  • Photo editor
    • Capture date and time
    • Include caption and description
  • General look and feel
    • Blog Name
    • Calendar
    • Home Link
    • Welcome Text
    • Headers and Sub Headers

Notification Tools

  • Receive notification of each new entry, or comment
  • Email subscribers when a new article is posted
  • Weblog tracker notifications include


  • Syndicate your blog using the RSS format

Did You Know?


According to research from Six Apart just 1 in 10 UK business leaders are currently using blogging technologies, even though almost half predict that the future of corporate communications is set to go online.


According to research from Hitwise visits to blogs in the UK currently account for almost 1 in 200 visits to all websites, according to new data this represents a huge 130% increase on 2004.

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